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Cat Grooming

A glossy, neat coat is the first indicator of a healthy cat and every cat needs one!

From birth the mother licks her kittens from top to bottom massaging the skin and coat, this keeps them clean and also increases the blood circulation, stimulating the hair glands to distribute natural essential oils, vitamins and minerals, keeping the fur shiny and in good condition.

Grooming helps reproduce what the mother was doing when the cat was young, for various reasons some cats do not groom themselves enough. This especially applies to elderly cats who find it hard to reach all the areas that need to be groomed.

Indoor cats because they live in a constant temperature of the home, shed excess fur and moult constantly and therefore are in need of help with their grooming.

Cat Grooming

Why groom?

With a good grooming regime, you are providing your cat with an essential service:

You minimise the risk of hairballs

You stop the coat developing painful knots and matts

You can spot abnormal lumps and bumps early

You are reducing the risk of him developing a skin condition

You are boosting the essential oils in his coat, ensuring that he is at has the best protection possible against cold, rain and infections

It reduces the amount of cat hair you find on the sofa and your clothes

It is a wonderful, therapeutic experience for both you and your cat, you will find that your bond grows and strengthens.

Grooming is
equally essential for
shorthaired cats

Holistic Approach: We believe grooming should be a pleasure not a stress for your cat, so our service places the cats well being as the fore most concern. Not all cats will enjoy being groomed, we try to work in stages never trying to complete an unwilling cat in one sitting. If it takes a few sittings that is to the benefit of the cat.

With particularly aggressive cats we may have to wear some protection and work quicker than we would like, again always respecting the cat and its levels of stress.

Our aim is also to teach you to take over the grooming which will give you time to bond and enjoy your relationship with your cat.

Prices for a complete groom start at £40.

Cat Grooming Before
Cat Grooming After

Before his summer groom (left), after (right).

Not only is it more cooler for him but it aids his own grooming regime.