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My Story

From an early age I have always been around cats. My Nan lived on a farm and she had seven domesticated cats along with many more feral farm ’working’ cats.

The black and white cat with a lovely moustache in the picture of a very young me was my first ever cat.

Through my life cats have been a part of my journey and today I have fostered over 60 cats for Cats Protection Forest of Dean Branch.

My own three cats Barney, a British shorthair blue, Berite, a British shorthair black, and Basil, a Selkirk Rex, ginger longhair, are constant companions to me and provide me with plenty of training opportunities be it nail clipping, grooming or the odd behavioural issue.

My Story


Advanced Applied Feline Behaviour Level 5 - Distinction
Advanced Feline Behaviour Diploma Level 4 - Merit
Feline Behaviour and Psychology Diploma - Merit
Cat care, behaviour and welfare diploma level 3
Feline Nutrition Certificate
Feline emergencies Certificate
Feline well-being Certificate
Health & Safety dealing with cats Certificate
Feline interactions, approach, handling and restraint Certificate
Feline reproduction, caring for the Queen and kittens Certificate
Understanding cats needs Feline infectious diseases and control of disease Certificate
Fostering cats the Cats Protection way
Recognising Stress and Anxiety in Felines - Distinction
Feline First Aid – Distinction
Feline Nutrition – Distinction

Member of
professional bodies

International Society of Animal Professionals
The Association of Pet Behaviour Counsellors *
International Association of Animal Behaviour Consultants
* working towards full membership

Member of professional bodies

My Cats

Betty – a women with character and very aloof! A very loving lady on her terms. Betty sadly passed away after a long illness in December 2019
Bertie a truly laid back, ‘Hippy’ cat. Loves catnip and sunshine, hates rain and dark days. Half -brother to Betty and brother to Barney.
Barney brother to Betty and Bertie, acts and thinks like a dog! Has to know what everything is and always wants to get in cupboards. Loves boxes.
Basil is a Selkirk Rex and a gentle giant with a load purr. Loves to play and watch football (Stoke City especially as he was born in Stoke) and enjoys his friendly battles with Barney for house dominance!