Chepstow Cat Sitting

Cat to Vet Service

All cats should have at least an annual veterinary check, but some will require more frequent visits, and most are likely to need at least one operation during their lives. For many cats, a veterinary visit is a stressful experience. However, there is much we can do to reduce this stress.

By nature, cats are independent, territorial, need to be in control of their surroundings, and sensitive to different smells – all these things make veterinary visits stressful, for both you and your cat.

Our cat to vet service only ever goes direct door to door which minimises travel times, reduces stress and ensures biosecurity. Transporting only one cat at any one time.

The service is available to anyone who can’t get their cat to their vets by themselves for whatever reason, the service includes collection, waiting during the appointment and return to your home. Prices start from just £8 from central Chepstow, we service other areas, but the price will include an additional charge depending on distance travelled.

Medication/prescription collection: We can also collect and deliver your cats prescription for you if you are unable to do so yourself.

Cat to Vet Service